How humidity affects patients with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is primarily known for the pain, fatigue and discomfort it causes a person, and several factors can increase the risk of having it or increase pain. Many patients have reported that being exposed to different types of weather makes them feel more pain.

Por ejemplo, estar afuera en un día soleado, o si está lloviendo, o si el día es demasiado frío, podría afectar a alguien con fibromialgia. Cualquier cambio posible puede causar un efecto; incluso estando en un banco o una tienda con el aire acondicionado demasiado bajo puede hacer que un paciente con fibromialgia se sienta bastante mal. Científicamente, se muestra que el clima; la presión, la altitud, la humedad y la gravedad pueden hacer cambios en los músculos y el tejido provocando diferentes reacciones entre el calor y el frío.

The reported problems say that having control of the situation is key to not let the weather affect a patient. It is better to say that being in a more neutral or cool climate is the best way to avoid an increase in pain. Many people have said that they had to make a change of location due to weather conditions because extreme weather makes it difficult to deal with fibromyalgia. For example, it is difficult to move for some patients because they enjoy more in cold climates than in hot environments.

They can not stand the pain, so there is no other option. The contradictory part is that some studies found some relationships between fibromyalgia and climate, but the troubling part is that people feel it, but further research shows that weather could be one of the conditions that increase pain and other symptoms such as fatigue. muscle pain, bad sleep and headache. This is what different weather conditions do to the body.

Effects of moisture on fibromyalgia

Humidity is the presence of water vapor in the air. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense when they say that it affects people with fibromyalgia because moisture causes the body to cool down and makes the environment heavier. When it is low, patients report that they suffer more headaches, stiffness, generalized pain and outbreaks.

People who have fibromyalgia feel disturbed due to various natural factors. Some of the factors can be a disturbance in weather conditions. Both excess cold and excess heat can trigger or increase pain symptoms in fibromyalgia. The change in air pressure can be considered as one of the reasons why people experience changes in pain symptoms. It is not necessarily the case that only people who have fibromyalgia will have problems when the humidity level is high in the atmosphere.

There are also people with other problems such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems who find that the humidity is difficult to handle. When absolute humidity in the air is low, people with fibromyalgia are witness to some of the problems such as headache, fatigue, generalized pain in body parts, stiffness, etc. In some rare cases, difficulty breathing is also observed.

How to minimize the negative effects of changing seasons

The most obvious offer is to find a place where the climate is temperate throughout the year and change there. Or possibly break the year, live in a place for spring and summer, and live elsewhere for autumn and winter. However, that is not a practical solution for many of us.

So, we see that everything that causes the body to change for external and extreme conditions are the ones that cause the most problems for people with fibromyalgia. The best options are to always be in a very warm and comfortable area where you can constantly control different situations. Hydration is an important habit for everyone. Drink lots of water and the amount depends on where you live, if you live in warmer areas you will need more water.

Do it continuously and it does not matter if you are not thirsty, do it anyway. Do not drink alcohol, enough, avoid cold drinks and those that have a large amount of sugar. You must drink water before, during and after each intense activity you do and we are also exercising.

Always have a bottle of water by your side. Wear comfortable and cool clothes. Take several cool showers during the day. If you can afford an air conditioner, do not hesitate, buy it.

Go swimming, and if you feel pain, it is a good idea to wear clothes according to the weather. If you are in a hot climate, try to wear light clothes and bright colors, all made with lightweight and fresh fabric. Try to wear shorts and shirts. If you are in a cold environment, wear jackets, long pants and gloves if necessary, and wear something on your head. Take long walks to breathe fresh air, and it’s a good idea to walk during the night.

Be careful about where you are and avoid risks. It is very important to pay attention to what is affecting you, where you live, in your home and in your city, what surrounds you. Look for places where you think you can have a better life and a better relationship with fibromyalgia. Prevention is always a great key to fight. The effects of climate change are not fully identified.

Researchers continuously work on this to identify the exact reason and ways to handle problems. It is totally dependent on an individual, since people who have cold problems will find that the heat is comfortable, people who have heat problems will be cold to feel comfortable. The preferences change from one person to another.

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