Pain of hands in fibromyalgia 

A pain that is not understood and that it is tried to justify with other diseases, a search that the patient does when the symptoms and triggers of the pain in fibromyalgia can justify a pain so intense and for some, continuo.La complexity of the pain. use in the diary of hands in all the skills that must be developed together with the complexity of pain in fibromyalgia. A mystery for all who suffer.

What does not allow the pain of hands in fibromyalgia? 

1 Open jars, car doors or drawers.
2 Pain when you simply lean on your hands
3 Grab any object
4 Remove clothes from the washing machine
5 Cut and prepare food
6 Use utensils
7 Tying laces
8 Fixing hair
9 Carrying grocery bags
10 Making the bed
11 Grabbing a broom, vacuuming
12 Taking out a plug from an outlet
13 Handwriting
14 Writing on computer keyboards
15 Using tools
16 Not being able to catch a book
17 Using the mobile
18 Types of hand pain in fibromyalgia
19 Paresthesias
Paresthesias in the hands and arms of fibromyalgia are associated with numbness or tingling (for example, in the hands or feet). Also known as paresthesia, the sensation can be described as itching or burning.
Paresthesia also includes loss of sensation, loss of sensation, tingling and numbness, numbness or burning, or loss of superficial and deep sensation. In fibromyalgia these symptoms appear and disappear without just cause.

Exclusive swelling of Fibromyalgia

A common complaint is that the ring does not fit anymore. However, this type of swelling is not equivalent to the inflammation associated with arthritis; rather, it is a localized anomaly of fibromyalgia whose cause is currently unknown.

Other types of hand pain in fibromyalgia 

The pain can be deep, sharp, dull and continuous, throbbing, this is the pain that is located in the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joints (Arthritis Foundation).
The pain is not located in the joints, the fingers show no signs of arthritis such as pain and swelling. But fibromyalgia can occur along with another form of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, which may amplify the pain you feel with these last two diseases.

hand pain in fibromyalgia 
the complexity of the hand

But why do you suffer from hand pain in Fibromyalgia?

Knowing that fibromyalgia disease is a process of pain amplification due to mechanisms of central sensitivity, that hands are the tools that are used throughout the day for any task, forget the complexity of these instruments that are capable to interpret through the tactile sense any stimulus. The cold, heat, or define without looking at any object, complex processes that do next to the brain thanks to all the nerve endings that have the hands to carry out these complicated tasks.

The sense of touch, as in other senses: the ear, with tinnitus, the sight with photophobia causes that tactile sensibility to become constant stimuli translated into pain.

It is common to hear the complaints of tactile stimuli, such as the pain of the rubbing of the sheets, of the tissues of the clothes, of the hugs in the hands, being exposed 24 hours a day to constant external stimuli.

Leave the stimuli and move to the movements, it is known that fibromyalgia and its outbreaks or certain pains are produced by movements, the pain of fibromyalgia occurs in tendons and muscles and as tools that provide the ability to make complex movements, forget the amount of muscles, tendons, ligaments that are involved to make any movement.

The pain of fibromyalgia in the hands and the connection with the neuropathies
Next, we checked the similarity of pain in fibromyalgia with other neuropathies of difficult treatment and management for the pain professional.

“Neuropathic pain can often be related to an exaggerated sensitization of pain receptors in the skin, causing people to feel strong pain (allodynia) for stimuli that normally do not hurt. For example, some people may feel pain with the rubbing of the sheets that lightly cover the body. ” ¹

Neuropathy of the ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel syndrome
Repetitive stress often causes neuropathies of neural compression, in which the nerves are damaged because they are compressed or trapped.

The cumulative damage can be the result of repetitive activities, with unnatural postures, or in which a large pressure is exerted and which require movement of any group of joints for prolonged periods. The resulting irritation can cause the ligaments, tendons and muscles to swell and swell, restricting the ways


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