Fibromyalgia Awareness Month 2018

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness month, and in recognition, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular articles about various fibromyalgia symptoms and some of the resources available. We’ve also included some of our most popular posts from the past year.

Fibromyalgia is a seriously misunderstood disease, mainly because, as you know, many sufferers may not “look sick.” This is why Fibromyalgia Awareness Month is so important: as a so-called “Invisible Disease,” not a lot of people take it seriously. Also, it can be difficult to explain how fibromyalgia affects us: the constant, chronic pain, the fatigue, the fibro fog. How flare ups are triggered and what that even means for us. Fibromyalgia Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to educate our loved ones about what fibro warriors go through every day.

Below, find a collection of some of our most popular informative articles that you can share with your family and friends during Fibromyalgia Awareness Month.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

Let’s start with some basics, because a lot of people may ask, “What even is fibromyalgia?” Well, we’ve got you covered in this section, with articles explaining what the condition is, what causes it,  what some of the major symptoms are, how to tell if you have it, and what to do if you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

How to know if you have fibromyalgia

Back and spine disease. Closeup portrait tired woman massaging her painful neck isolated on gray wall background. Human face expression. Chronic fatigue disease

“You’re going about your business in peak physical condition and life is good. Suddenly you wake up one day to tingling and numbness in your leg. You head to the ER and they send you home with no news. Your primary care physician is stumped. He sends you to physical therapy, but they boot you out the door because it might be a pinched nerve. You get an MRI, EMG, and a brain scan. They all turn up clean. You try a chiropractor and any holistic practitioner you can find. Then one day you find yourself in front of rheumatologist who is able to immediately identify and diagnose you with fibromyalgia. Finally.”

Fibromyalgia Questionnaire


“Fibromyalgia can be a hard disease to get a diagnosis for since so few people understand it. But is there an easy way to find out if you might have fibromyalgia? Well, just by answering these questions, you can find out if you might have fibromyalgia. And if you should go to a doctor to make sure.”

What to expect when diagnosed with fibromyalgia


If you’ve received a fibromyalgia diagnosis then you have already been dealing with a catalog of symptoms and conditions that have made life difficult or just plain hell. The great news is that a doctor has finally affirmed what you’ve been saying for so long – something is wrong. The bad news is that the diagnosis doesn’t actually change your symptoms. Alternatively, you may be one of those people trying to figure out what on earth is going on with your body and are digging like mad because not one doctor has been able to identify the culprit. If that’s the case, then what is said going forward probably won’t shock you. Either way, even though this won’t be easy, it is doable.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Women

fibromyalgia symptoms in women

“Why do fibromyalgia symptoms in women seem to be worse than they are for men? And what are some of the basic fibromyalgia symptoms that let you know when it’s time to see a doctor?”

Fibromyalgia symptoms in men

fibromyalgia symptoms in men

“A lot of people think of fibromyalgia as a disease that affects women, but the reality is fibromyalgia symptoms in men can be just as severe. And the problem many men face is that they often have a harder time than women in getting diagnosed. That’s because the idea that fibromyalgia is a disorder that affects women is so widespread that doctors don’t always recognize fibromyalgia symptoms in men. So how do the symptoms affect men differently than women? And how do you know if you have fibromyalgia as a man?”

6 Rare symptoms of fibromyalgia

rare symptoms of fibromyalgia

“Fibromyalgia can be a weird illness. Your doctor may say that fatigue and pain are the only real symptoms of fibro, but you can’t help but wonder if your latest uncomfortable symptoms can be attributed to your illness. Here are some of the rare symptoms of fibromyalgia that you might experience.”

6 Painless symptoms of fibromyalgia

painless symptoms of fibromyalgia

“And because many of these symptoms aren’t things that people typically associate with fibromyalgia, they often go unnoticed, which can delay getting a diagnosis. So, here are some painless symptoms of fibromyalgia that you should watch out for.”

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