A patient with Fibromyalgia needs that in their environment, especially their relatives, understand what is this disease and the dimension that entails pain and extreme fatigue. Many times, ignorance is as harmful as pain. Ignorance is a great ally for the advancement of the disease.

Many patients have asked me to advocate for them and explain their real needs on a day-to-day basis. The patient with fibromyalgia needs a lot of love, understanding and support from his family. It is very difficult to fight alone against a disease such as fibromyalgia. And it is even more difficult when the patient must also fight against their environment.

The patient also needs help at home. The work of a house, such as cooking, washing, ironing, going shopping or doing tasks such as taking children to school. In short, the normal tasks performed in a home are a heavy burden for them. Freeing them from that burden is a huge help. Not only from the practical point of view but also from the soul point of view.

It’s not that they do not want to do it, it  ‘s that they can not . His body is under minimum and they have hardly any strength to breathe and do the basic tasks to continue living. It may sound exaggerated but the seriously ill feel that way.

When your partner, mother, husband, son tells you he can not make dinner because he can not get up from the couch, do not think he does it for comfort. Your body can not move or do it takes a lot of effort for the pain.


Do you remember how you felt those days when you caught a cold or the typical flu?

Well, that’s how a fibromyalgia sufferer feels all day: without strength or desire to do anything.

In those days of illness the only thing you want is for someone to spoil you, help you and clothe you. He thinks that a patient with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue takes a lot of medication that really does not do anything to him. Moreover, in many cases the situation worsens. Antidepressants reduce their capacity and sleeping drugs cause drowsiness during the day, aggravating chronic fatigue.

Normally the person suffering from fibromyalgia is a very vital, happy and positive person. But without knowing how or why, she suddenly finds herself immersed in a state of depression caused by so much pain and fatigue. It is incomprehensible both to him and to the family.

I know that living with a patient with fibromyalgia is not easy. But it is not easy for the patient to live with a family that does not understand that he or she is really sick, that he or she is not a vague person or wants to attract attention. That accusation, expressed or veiled, forces many patients to hide their condition. And the hiding of the disease always facilitates its advance. In addition, psychological pressure is also very harmful.

In my practice I listen to these patients complain about the little case, understanding and respect that their relatives have for this disease.

Fibromyalgia is hardly noticeable in the physical aspect of the patient. He does not have an open wound that he can teach and demonstrate, it is an internal wound that is slowly destroying his life.

What family members can do

The most important thing is to help the sick person in those days when he can not even get out of bed. There will be days when it will be better to let him rest, help him in the housework, prepare food … Especially cooking for the sick is a very important part in the relationship between the patient and their relatives, because if we do not collaborate in their Food can fall into malnutrition and worsen the disease. Or you can choose junk food because it is easier to cook or order by phone, worsening your health again.

We are demonstrating that an adequate diet can turn this situation around and get the patient back to health.

Fibromyalgia is a severe poisoning of the body. Moreover, recent studies have shown that the disease is related to an altered intestinal flora.

98% of fibromyalgia patients have irritable bowel, periods of constipation or diarrhea, suffer intestinal gas and bad digestion.

A proper diet can improve intestinal health and with it the immune system. In a few months the patient begins to notice changes in his health. These main changes are:

  • They improve muscular contractures of the back and neck.
  • The continuous headache disappears.
  • The annoying intestinal gases disappear.
  • Refers or disappears chronic fatigue.

In many cases a group B vitamin intake helps to overcome chronic fatigue and rule out the Epstein-Barr virus.

Along with the diet it is also important to contribute to the health of the patient with other therapies. For example, emotional help is needed to clean internal traumas that are still hidden. These can cause a lot of anguish that aggravates the disease.

Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia are usually very sensitive people. We are talking about people who offer their help without thinking about themselves. In the end that burden affects them emotionally in a negative way.


If you have a family member who suffers from fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, the main and most important thing is that you understand that you are really very sick. It needs your help for the day to day, for the simple tasks that happen to be so complicated for the patient. And above all you must help him make the decision to change his current state of depression and despair. Changing your diet as we teach you in Healthy Food.

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