From pain to blessing: living testimony about fibromyalgia

He was 38 years old when he received the official diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic disease characterized by generalized musculoskeletal pain, with an exaggerated hypersensitivity in multiple points of the body.

Today, ten years later, Lady Cortés Pérez reveals in a book her history, suffering and conquests as a patient, all with a single purpose: to help others to recognize the disease, but above all, to understand it.

“Although there are 18 selected points, the pain is so intense that its sensation embraces the entire body. My life changed completely because of this condition, but you can achieve quality of life with it. We can collaborate to feel more times well, than bad, “insisted Cortés Pérez.

However, he acknowledged that the biggest obstacle of the disease is that the pain is not seen, it simply feels. And that lack of vision creates disbelief or, worse, lack of support from family, co-workers, friends and the community.

“There are good days and there are other less good, not to say bad, moments of great anxiety, because we do not want to feel this way and we can not control it either,” he said at the beginning of the conversation.


“If we go to a place where there are a lot of people, too much noise or there is no place to sit, then that place is not good for us. Many believe they are changueries because sometimes we do not want to leave the house and do what we used to love doing, “he added.

That is why, two years ago, the mother of two young adults, married and an occupational therapist with more than 20 years of experience, began her day of writing and researching a book that tells her own story.

The book about six inches high, 144 pages and 29 chapters is entitled Living in the shadow of fibromyalgia: from pain to blessing, a publication in which Lady takes a tour of the sorrows and vital battles that each person with this condition you experiment, until you overcome them.

“The first two chapters present the condition, scientifically speaking, and its history. And it ends with a list of recommendations in favor of a better quality of life. We are talking about a disease that for years has been misunderstood and that must be exposed (in the media) so we can help others understand it, “he said.

Cortés Pérez stressed that fibromyalgia is a disabling health condition and that it has the power to annul any human being, professional or not, woman or man, young or adult.

“There are days when everything hurts, even breathing. A skin rub feels like a hard blow, the body temperature is colder than normal or feels warmer. And I, being such an active person, feel worse because that person in low, lying down and letting others do my things, is not me, “he continued.

“At first I did not know what it was. Between doctor and doctor, which were many, came the diagnosis and it is, then, that I decided to know the condition to help others, in particular my family, so that they understand and understand me, “he continued.

Once the desired book is achieved, Lady now focuses her desires on the creation of a non-profit foundation, committed to disclosing this condition, through special events and the strengthening of the support groups that already exist on the island.

But in what happens, your Facebook page / viviralasombradelafibromialgia has already been shared hundreds of times, by new friends locally and abroad.

“Fibromyalgia is my path to the fate of other people with this condition. And this book offers alternatives that make possible a quality of life without limitations, “he said.

The book is now available upon request by calling 787-841-4038 or by writing to

According to clinical investigations

In the past years, fibromyalgia has come to be considered as a public health problem of the first order.

The disease is associated with other disorders such as lack of sleep, morning stiffness, fatigue, depression and anxiety, headache, poor digestion and bloating, among others.

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