Friendships that fade when you are chronically ill.

Living with chronic back pain has been a challenge to say the least. Then, discovering that I was extremely exhausted and that my body was physically hurting me, because fibromyalgia was devastating me so that I could understand and learn to live with that, I am still learning.

These are moments like this where we have a little more need of our loved ones. However, when you have always been the guardian of your relationships, sometimes you discover that most of the people you have surrounded are not the type who care for them and who, unfortunately, begin to disappear until they exist more in your life .

Work as a caregiver or always be that friend to whom all came to ask for advice, a shoulder or an ear, caring for me has always been a natural instinct. As a wife and mother, these are the roles that are most important to me. I have never really been someone to ask for help; I have always been autonomous and honestly, I would normally do things on my own, because they are at my level of perfection.

Some friendships have faded and some family members have distanced themselves over time when I started making my health a priority. If it was drama and it caused stress, I walked away from them. However, I realized that many people surround a person when they get sick, be it a brief illness or possibly a terminal illness. Except when a person has a chronic disease, an invisible disease and / or that lasts a long time, many people tend to move away. Part of me thinks it’s because some people are just busy with time. Others do not want to take the time to adjust to their endless illness. so

Although it saddened me to end these relationships, it also made me realize that these relationships were not as true as I thought. I try to remember that it is his loss because I am a wonderful person worthy of what I give, for having the same love and care. I will never need the sympathy of a family member or friend, nor will I want it, but if someone has the love and compassion to offer it, I receive it in my life, just as I appreciate my family and friends who have remained faithful to our relationship. and they have been caught. For my part, at a time in my life when I need it even more than I already did. To each of them, thank you! To each one of you who reads this and who understands exactly what I say because he has been there,


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