Comment traiter sensation de brûlure dans les pieds, et aussi le picotement, engourdissement?

Paresthesia is a symptom of fibromyalgia, and many patients experience these feelings.
When the paresthesia is present in someone with fibromyalgia, the person will experience tingling, numbness, and also a feeling of  burning  in the feet or hands.

Paresthesia can be a very painful symptom of fibromyalgia.

Treat paresthesia

Paresthesia treatment is something you should talk to your doctor.

In order to effectively treat paresthesia, the doctor needs to know if there are other conditions like  fibromyalgia.

a treatment plan tailored for each patient, will be made and can be a combination of different types of treatments.
More detailed treatment plans available,  when  paresthesia  is related to fibromyalgia  and other diseases such as diabetes.

These conditions require measures regarding taking initiatives, from the patient and the doctor, in developing actions that may include physical therapy, health monitoring, and lifestyle changes.

It is not unusual for someone suffering from this condition also receive relief from a physiotherapist to manipulate the neck and back and try to relieve some of the pain.

Treatment of paresthesia related to fibromyalgia


When paresthesia is present in fibromyalgia, patients may receive relief through physical therapy.

If this treatment is not effective, some patients have success with taking vitamin supplements, and massage.

 Acupuncture is another form of treatment that can help relieve the painful paresthesia both as fibromyalgia.

Paresthesia is a painful condition in itself, but not in all cases.

Often,  when presented with fibromyalgia, the condition is very painful.
The pain may change from an intense burning feeling, to itching, or numbness.

When patients experience this pain, which can be confusing at first, and worrying.

Seek treatment and get the correct diagnosis will help relieve pain and discomfort terrible disease.
There are different ways that people suffering from fibromyalgia and paresthesia can receive relief.


Check with your rheumatologist and / or neurologist.


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